Wells House

The Pentecostals of Gainesville opened "The Wells House" in July of 2001. The Wells House is a faith-based transition home owned and sponsored by and is a ministry of The Pentecostals of Gainesville, Florida. The Wells House is designed to integrate men back into the community, who have recently been released from county jail, state prison, rehabilitation or other programs. We teach and stress the positive qualities of personal discipline, structure of life and money management. Our program reinforces the inspired teaching of Godís principles of maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Well's House Director: John Stockwell (352) 377-5251 or (352) 376-6320

House Requirements

  • 90-day residency structured as work-release
  • Maintain a full-time day job
  • Obey all contract/covenant agreements of the House
  • Required payment of monthly rent
  • Have no sex crime convictions
  • Must participate in evening classes and studies of faith-based principles
  • Participate in housekeeping and home and property maintenance
Evening Activities Evening activities are scheduled throughout the week and include church services, Bible studies, House meetings and attendance of mandatory or elective personal recovery and transition programs.
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The gentlemen involved in the prison outreach include (L to R) Dan Zebley, Ray Hawley, John Stockwell (who heads up the outreach program), Courtney Maxwell (who came out of the prison system), Paul Flamand, Mike Treadway, Tim Mihlfeld

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Some of the gentlemen that are picked up to bring to church on Sunday mornings. Over the past 10-15 years hundred have been baptized. Many have received the Holy Ghost.

Testimony of former inmate, Reggie
My testimony is 'When you call on His name'
Photo is of Reggie and his family

I was born in 1963 in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was raised in lower Manhattan. I was born into drugs, prostitution and abuse. It was all around me. My mother was a prostitute. I never knew my father and was raised by a pimp. Even with all this I was not a problem child, I just had no direction. As I got older, I found a few role models and it was inevitable that by the time I was 30 I started experimenting with drugs, being a dealer first, but ending up being a user.

One night in 2005, I was in Clearwater, Florida getting high. I had this rage that I wanted to murder people and constantly was dealing with a lot of thing swirling through my mind. Some time later as I was getting high, something came over me. I started crying, went into the closet, shut myself in, and asked God to take these things away from me because I feared I was so full of anger that I would begin to kill these people around me. I knew I did not really want to do this because, regardless of everything, it was not me.

Back to the title, 'When you call on His name' things happen. That night I cried myself to sleep. The next evening I was arrested. I knew then that it was God's way of getting me away from that situation. God allowed me to have three years in prison. I wasn't angry at God because he gave me three years in a confined situation which in the end saved my life.

I was released from prison early on January 2, 2007. When I was in prison God gave me direction and purpose. I now have a good church home in the Pentecostals of Gainesville. I am now finally actually living for God.

Testimony of former inmate, Michael Heaven

First and foremost, I thank the Lord Jesus for the privilege of life and the opportunity to share a brief testimony, hoping to inspire and edify the readers. My name is Michael Heaven, I am 25 years old, born in Bradenton, Florida, and raised in Ocala, Florida. My life was challenging and empty without God.

Through drugs and alcohol, I began seeking fulfillment for my empty soul, but it repeatedly failed to truly make me happy. Though despising my destructive habits, I began breaking laws and eventually was incarcerated. I was sentenced to 19 months in prison. Upon sentencing, I accepted responsibility and made a single minded effort to seek the lord. By rebuilding my mind according to God's blueprint (His word) change took place and hope was rekindled.

I was privileged to be able to enroll in the Gainesville, Florida Work Release Center Program. There I met Bros. John Stockwell, Ray Hawley, Paul Flammand and Mike Treadway. They would come weekly from the Pentecostals of Gainesville Church to minister and also take a group of us to church. There I was baptized in the 'Name of Jesus'. Upon my release, I enrolled into a faith based transition home sponsored by the church and designed to integrate men back into the community. I graduated successfully with a good paying job and was able to move into a place of my own. Now I am investing in something that will last throughout eternity, 'The Kingdom of God'.

Special thanks to the four men mentioned above that mentored me in difficult times. Also Pastor J.W. Arnold and my church family. Also Mom and Dad and Calvin and Catherine.